José Manuel Ortega

Python & Docker security conferences
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Video Conferences

[PYTHON ML 2017] Machine learning y data science con scikit-learn y pyspark

[FOSDEM 2018] GrayLog for Java developers

[OWASP APPSEC EU 2017] Increasing Web Seurity With The Power Of HTTP Headers

[FOSDEM 2018] Everything you need to know about containers security

[Demo with Docker] Auditing docker host with docker bench security and lynis

[Demo with Docker] Auditing docker images with python and anchore

[NoConName Barcelona 2017] Testing Docker Images Security

[All day devops 2017] Testing Docker Images Security

[PYCONES SPAIN 2017] Discovering Python Search Engine

[BSIDES MANCHESTER 2017] Testing Docker Images Security

[FOSDEM BELGIUM 2017] OSINT Tools for Security Auditing FOSDEM edition

[FOSDEM BELGIUM 2017] Footprinting for security auditors

[PYCONES SPAIN 2016] OSINT Tools for security auditing - PyConES 2016

[Python Conferences] PyVideo

[Python Conferences] PyVideo

[PYCON IRELAND 2016] WebScraping with asyncio

[CODEMOTION SPAIN 2016] Testing NodeJS Security

[CODEMOTION AMSTERDAM 2016] Testing Android Security

[EUROPYTHON 2016] Ethical hacking with Python tools

[EUROPYTHON 2016] Hacking ético con herramientas Python

[PYDATA 2016] Python tools for webscraping

[TECHFEST 2016] Python para desarrolladores web - T3chFest2016

[PYCONES 2015] Comparing Python ORM - Track Avanzado

[PYCONES 2015] Seguridad y criptografía en Python - Track Científico

[CODEMOTION 2015] Testing Android Security

[2015] Seguridad en dispositivos móviles

[JBCNConf 2015] Comparing JVM Languages

[EuroPyhton 2015] Python Security & Cryptography

[JSDayES 2015] Web Cryptography

[T3chFest 2015] Mobile Backend as a Service (MBaaS)

[T3chFest 2014] Android in Practice

Interviews/all in spanish

NoConName 2017 Docker Security

Codenotion 2016 NodeJS

JSDAY Web Cryptography 2015

T3chfest 2015


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